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Day time, Respite and Community Inclusion

At Elite Care we know that looking after a loved one can be a 24/7 role, sometimes as human beings we need a break, whether that be to attend our own appointments or to get the weekly shop or just for some time to relax and recharge. Our daytime respite is all about giving a carer that opportunity. Daytime respite can be for as little as an hour or as much as a day depending on what is needed. Our fully trained staff will be there for your loved one whilst you are out doing what you need to do. We can work with people a wide variety of conditions including Dementia, Huntingdon’s disease, Diabetes insipidus, M.S. plus many others. We would try wholeheartedly to ensure that the same staff member visited each time to ensure continuity so that your loved one could feel safe. 

We also know that getting older or having a disability can be very isolating for people leading to potential mental health issues and loneliness, our community inclusion service is designed to enable people who are normally stuck in their homes to get out into the community to feel included again and to regain their place in society. It could be as simple as going to meet friends for coffee or to go to the local village hall, it might be to get out to pamper yourself and get your hair done. Whatever the reason our community Inclusion service is there to help. 

Home Care

At Elite Care we know how important it can be to be able to stay in our own homes where we are surrounded by our own things and the memories of our lives. Our Homecare Services are designed to ensure that individuals can get the care that they need to allow this to happen. Our fully trained staff team are there to meet your needs be it personal care needs, including washing, dressing and medication, food preparation or light housework, we can arrange a variety of call times throughout the day ranging from a 15-minute welfare call up to an hour for washing, dressing and food prep. We understand that it can be very unsettling to have numerous carers coming and going and not knowing when they will arrive.  It is our policy that, wherever possible, we would endeavour to send the same select few carers to someone so that the person can get to know the staff member and feel comfortable that there is not a procession of different carers visiting. All individuals that are supported by Elite Care are given  specific timings that are pre-agreed and our carers will endeavour to attend on time.

Supported Living 

Our Supported Living service enables people to live as independently as they can within their own tenancies. Every individual has their own unique abilities and our care team will help promote and support them to manage all aspects of their lives ensuring that they feel in control.  It is important that every person has the space, time and support they require to enhance their current skills as well as developing new ones.  This can be anything from help with personal care, housework, social activities or money management so that they can improve their daily living skills and in turn become more independent. We already provide these services across Bedfordshire and Luton and would be happy to cross into neighbouring counties. We can look after people who have a Learning Disability as well as Mental Health issues and Physical Disabilities. The support we provide can be a set number of hours in a day up to 24/7 support  

“Elite” definitely lives up to the dictionary’s definition of the word!

Ron - service user of Elite Care Services Ltd

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